Industries We Serve

Manufacturing – durables and consumable

  • Durables – Automotive, steel, aluminum, rail, defense/military.
  • Consumables – Dairy, foods, beverage, poultry, meats.

Construction – Commercial, military base, industrial and plant

  • Commercial construction of buildings for public or private sector.
  • Military base construction providing EM-385 1-1 site safety officers.
  • Industrial refinery / power / chemical construction projects and maintenance shutdowns, safety manager, safety representatives and safety technicians.
  • Plant construction projects where our site safety managers / representatives worked seamlessly to provide safety oversight and management in the durables and consumables sectors.

Energy – Refining, Nuclear and Power Plant

  • Energy projects are staffed with safety professionals specifically experienced in the hazards and safety needs of this sector.

Infrastructure – Roads and bridges

  • We can provide project safety officers and safety coordinators to assist your project team with safe project execution.

Ammonia and Chemical – Process Safety Management

  • We guide, advise, develop, implement and manage your PSM program in a team manner. From technical aspects, such as mechanical integrity audits and P&ID’s through implementation and training, your PSM program will provide compliance and an on-going process.