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New NEP in March 2021 – How OSHA Compliance Consulting Can Help You

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In January 2021, President Biden issued an executive order focusing on worker health and safety, especially in light of the COVID pandemic. In accordance with this directive, on March 12, OSHA released a national emphasis program, or NEP, to protect high-risk workers against both being exposed to COVID and contracting the disease. The NEP also provides protection against retaliation by employers for whistleblowing about COVID-specific unsafe conditions. 

This NEP, which was highly anticipated among front-line employees and their employers, also launched OSHA-targeted inspections beginning March 26. These inspections include both non-federal and federal employers and businesses with fewer than ten employees. They will be carried out both on-site and a combination of on-site and remotely.

HealthSafe can ensure your workplace meets these new standards. Contact us today to learn about our OSHA compliance consulting services.

OSHA Compliance Consulting

Staying in compliance with OSHA regulations can be a full-time job. Requirements are updated on a regular basis in accordance with both national mandates and updated health and safety information. Often businesses don’t have the resources to hire an on-site OSHA compliance officer, which is where OSHA compliance consulting services can help.

The new OSHA NEP 

The impact of coronavirus on high-risk employees and their workplaces can not be overstated. COVID-19 has, perhaps irrevocably, changed our work environments. Safety procedures for COVID are becoming standard, and with OSHA targeted inspections, it’s a good thing. OSHA compliance consulting ensures your workplace or site is not only following general safety guidelines but is entirely compliant with COVID-specific mandates.

OSHA plans to dedicate 5% of its resources to enforcing COVID compliance in high-risk workplaces, including construction, maritime, and other environments in which workers are in close contact. That means about 1,600 inspections. Making sure your employees are following the guidelines and staying safe is critical.

HealthSafe can provide the following OSHA compliance consulting services:

  • Creation and application of audits – a well-constructed audit can identify problem areas; HealthSafe can create and give the audit, compiling results so you can be sure you’re in compliance and your workers are protected. 
  • On-site training – we’ll educate your personnel about how to check for COVID, how to stay safe, how to monitor and ensure full compliance – everything you need to maintain a safe workplace.
  • Full-time compliance monitoring – we can make sure you’re covering all the bases adhering to OSHA’s COVID requirements and help you make adjustments where necessary.
  • On-site safety personnel – if you don’t have the staff to dedicate to complying with OSHA’s COVID guidelines, we can help. A HealthSafe safety officer will remain on site and ensure your workplace is in compliance.

Social Distancing on the Job

Your workplace can present challenges when it comes to social distancing. It may seem necessary to work in close proximity, to share space within social distancing requirements. If you’re the target of an OSHA inspection, however, you need to have safety procedures in place to ensure your employees remain six feet apart.

Training how to maintain a safe distance is only part of HealthSafe’s OSHA compliance consulting. We can both supply PPE and educate about how to work with protective equipment, even in challenging environments. Granted, it’s easier to do hard work without a mask, but even construction sites have to comply with OSHA’s requirements. We can show your workers how, and we can remain on your site to provide continued guidance.

Make sure your employees are following the latest protocols. Contact HealthSafe to learn how we can work together to ensure your workplace’s compliance with the OSHA NEP for COVID-19.

OSHA Compliance Consulting

Ensuring workplace compliance with the latest OSHA COVID-19 requirements is only part of what HealthSafe can do for you. Our more than 20 years in workplace safety can serve you in keeping your workers safe. Whether you need OSHA compliance, job-site safety training, or on-site safety staff, HealthSafe can help. Contact us today at 1-800-290-4230 to learn what we can do for you!

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