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Ensuring Safety On The Jobsite

Safety On The Jobsite

Safety should always be any construction site manager’s number one priority. Here are some great tips for ensuring construction site safety.

6 Ways To Ensure Construction Site Safety

1. Identify the different tasks that will be required on the job site.

When it comes to construction jobs, planning is key. So, before any construction project begins, you’ll want to make sure your firm has conducted a thorough assessment of the upcoming job and determined all the different tasks that will be required from your workers. This not only allows you to ensure that your crew has all the proper tools and safety equipment needed, but it also allows your firm to put any necessary preventative measures and safety protocols properly in place before the job begins.

2. Conduct a thorough worksite evaluation.

In addition to analyzing your work site to determine the different required tasks, you will also want to conduct a thorough evaluation of the worksite itself. This allows you to identify any potential hazards and properly eliminate them before the job starts.

3. Make sure everything is properly zoned.

Zoning is a safety measure you definitely don’t want to skip. It allows you to properly block off certain areas and ensure that any worker in a specific zoned area has the right protective equipment, like catch platforms and nets.

4. Make sure there are safety protocols in place during lunch breaks.

Did you know that most construction job site fatalities occur between the hours of 10 a.m. and 3 p.m., with a peak at noon? Your team should always be practicing safety and following safety protocols, even during their lunch break.

5. Don’t overschedule your workers.

Construction worker exhaustion is a pressing safety issue. And, when workers are exhausted, they tend to make more mistakes. Make sure you have enough staff so no one will be overworked with the potential to become a safety risk.

6. Hire a construction safety consultant company.

A construction safety consultant company can help your firm by designing and implementing a construction site safety program for your company as a whole or for each individual project. A construction safety consultant company can also provide your firm with a qualified safety manager that can stay onsite and ensure construction site safety is maintained throughout the entire project.

Find The Right Safety Professional Today!

HealthSafe Safety Services is the industry leader in keeping workers safe and workplaces accident-free. Our team of experts has been providing safety consulting, construction worksite safety staffing, job site safety management, and OSHA compliance services for over 20 years. Whether you need full-time safety management or help developing a construction worksite safety plan, our safety consultants can assist your firm. To learn more about how we can assist your firm with any construction site safety needs, please fill out our contact form. Let us help you find the right safety professional today!


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