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U.S. Army Corp of Engineers Contractor Safety

Prime Contractors

For many contractors, federal construction projects are the top of the top. Working with the federal government offers contractors exposure to specialized projects and a foot in the door for future projects. 

But from the federal government’s perspective, especially when projects are operated by the Army Corps of Engineers, the demands, safety standards, and timeline may be too much for some contractors to handle. These jobs are too important to entrust to a contractor who “might” be able to handle it.

Experienced federal USACE contractors have a definite advantage over other teams when it comes to safely managing and securing a federal project. Here are just a few of the reasons why:

Significance of Structures

The United States Army Corps of Engineers (USACE) is not famous for measuring a few times and cutting as often as it takes. As the supervisory branch of the federal government on most significant construction projects, the USACE gets the job done right the first and only time. The structures in question are military installations, national laboratories, and airports–structures where being right the first time is the necessary goal.

When it comes to on-site safety, major construction projects such as these demand the utmost regulatory attention and worksite safety accountability. The buck stops with prime contractors who are in a position to meet the USACE at their level of safety standards. A prime contractor can get the job done right the first time without costly delays or on-site injuries–but it takes a specialized team effort.

A Whole Company VS. One Person

When it comes to finding the right safety contractor to provide SSHO services make sure you get a qualified, certified, and experienced SSHO to meet the needs of the project. While other safety contractors may promise the moon, they might not have the personnel to pull it from the sky. A factor that sets HealthSafe apart from many safety contractors is that our services come with a whole safety company to back our SSHO services up. 

The ability to securely hire additional personnel, implement and maintain standards, and support a culture of utmost safety may not be common among all safety contractors. As far as the federal government is concerned, injuries and safety incidents are preventable if workers comply with USACE safety regulations.  An experienced SSHO company is specialized, more qualified, and well-staffed than others.

High Expectations

Just as the USACE is known for completing projects with discipline and efficiency, the federal government requires high standards and timely execution of required safety actions, reports, and plans. Federal construction projects often demand copious degrees of paperwork, documentation, notation, and an almost military-grade standard of accountability.  

HealthSafe has a proven track record on federal projects and a history of great results. 

Right for the Job

It’s certainly no secret: not all contractors are created from the same mold. Ultimately, the best kind of contractor to get the job done depends on the type of job itself. Talent, drive, and an experienced team may all be well and good, but if the project requires a special touch here or some intensified standards there, you may wind up with a contractor less suited to the rigors of the job.

HealthSafe has the track record, personnel, company culture, and total support infrastructure to carry a federal construction project across the finish line. While other contractors “might” be suitable for a federal project, HealthSafe has proven that they can succeed alongside the USACE and other federal branches looking to safely complete a major project on time.

Learn more about what HealthSafe can do for your federal construction project!

Hire a trusted partner in HealthSafe and consider the job done. To learn more,  fill out our contact form or give us a call at 1-800-290-4230 today!

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