HealthSafe, Inc. Safety Consultants.  We assist companies, plants and construction sites with OSHA compliance and safety personnel.  We have been serving customers in safety since 1997.

95% of our clients have existing safety departments.  Customers call on HealthSafe to temporarily expand their safety department as they need.  For example, when needs arise for a safety supervisor on a construction project or industrial turnaround; or assistance with an OSHA compliance item; such as lockout procedures development, site audits or Process Safety Management, we can serve you.  Our relationships with customers are geared for a longterm stance.

HealthSafe has worked with companies across the USA in nearly every segment to assist them in improving safety and compliance.

  Safety Consultants.  Safety Managers.  Safety Technicians.  Safety Experts.

We are a privately held safety consulting firm.  Our reputation is built on improving plant or site safety in a friendly, professional, positive and timely manner.  Our job is to help customers solve occupational safety issues.  We know our growth is based on that premise.

HealthSafe has been privileged to help organizations across the USA to be safer, reduce incidents and increase OSHA compliance.  Our Safety Consultants work seamlessly with clients with professionalism, dedication to success in safety for the client and with the highest levels of integrity.

HealthSafe provides consistently outstanding customer service, flexibility and safety expertise.

HealthSafe provides our plant with monthly consultant visits for support with process safety management and plant safety.



HealthSafe Safety Consultants can help your company in any matter covered under or to comply with OSHA. We focus to understand your company, it's culture and it's needs to effectively help solve it's safety issues on-time.

Construction Site
Safety Management

Construction site management is where HealthSafe places a day-to-day on-site safety consultant as your site safety manager and / safety representatives to coordinate the project site-safety compliance issues and sub-contractor safety.

Process Safety

Many companies utilize us for Process Safety Management and Risk Management Plans.