Site Safety

Our safety consultants are experts in safety and are recognized for excellence. We’ll provide you with effective recommendations and solutions.

  • Corporate – Plant – Site
  • Perform physical and program safety analysis.
  • Determine opportunities based on critical safety identification.
  • Involve all levels.
  • Implement solutions to provide for an effective and on-going result.

Safety Specialists and Safety Technicians

Our Safety Specialists and Safety Technicians are qualified, hands-on and professional.

  • Our Safety Specialists are experienced safety professionals and are among the best minds and work ethics in the business.
  • The Safety Specialists role is to provide expertise in general industry and construction safety and to provide special expertise in unique hazards specific to the work site.
  • Construction
  • Manufacturing
  • Energy – Refining, pipeline and electric generation
  • Safety Technicians are used for specific safety watch and permitting functions. Our safety techs are excellent, well trained, experienced, and equipped.